Why You Should Have a Content Plan

Why You Should Have a Content Plan

1. Build for Users

Looking For Information?
Authoritive, well written text content pertinent to your search query

Looking For A Product?
Good imagery, quality product descriptions, the right price, information on stock availability and delivery options.

Looking For A Service?
Quality text and image content. Proof of quality work and ability to perform necessary tasks. Information on work in your locality. Industry accreditations providing reassurance etc . . .

If these defining factors do not convince, what do we all do? We click the ‘back’ button and we look for another site.

2. Build for Google

We can talk about search engines, but let’s be honest, we’re talking about Google.

Before we click on a Google search results link, that site needs to rank well for our search term or we would never see it.

The good news is, Google is clever (perhaps a little too clever!). Via algorithmic analysis of web page content plus knowledge of user behaviour, they provide the best results for that search, as they see it. Look at the sites that perform well in search – they are providing the content users want, laid out in a way that is likely to engage with them. In other words they are giving Google what they want. The one begets the other.

Play The Game

So give everyone what they want; provide the quality content to perform well in Google and ensure you engage users once they hit your site. The key is to:

  • be comprehensive
  • be extensive
  • be effusive

So What is Good Content?

Think of this part of your web marketing as creating a ‘net’ of content’ in which to ‘catch’ users (an ’umbrella of content’). In many (most) cases this will involve creating much more content than you feel is necessary for a ‘basic’ website framework. Although all our search habits are becoming increasingly sophisticated, we all have our own turn of phrase and will use different variations of keywords as well as varied angles of approach to search. As such, it pays to cast your net as wide as possible. Create content across all aspects of your business:

  • own business specific
  • industry topics
  • location based
  • niche areas
  • case studies

The creation of such content will increase traffic to your website; satisfying varying types of search user once they arrive. Also, importantly, you are starting to build a valuable resource in the eyes of Google; enhancing your chances of good SERP’s returns.

Technology and user experience (UX) aspects of a website will always be important, but:


Create a website content plan, follow it through and reap the rewards with Google and your target audience.

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