We utilise WordPress Content Management System alongside selected WordPress theme designs to provide ‘budget’ ecommerce solutions

Systems built using multi-featured software such as Magento or Opencart provide the scope to build stores which will drive heavy traffic and orders to match. These packages contain a multitude of features, many of which will only be utilised by larger stores. Therefore for many smaller websites, they provide overkill in terms of capability and in turn, cost.

WordPress systems provide stores with an opportunity to break into ecommerce without all the attendant costs of more sophisticated systems.

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  • off-the-shelf design; avoid custom design costs
  • responsive design layouts available enabling optimal viewing experience across desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone
  • many pre-built designs / aesthetic options
  • ability to adapt fonts, colours and features to provide custom website identity
  • focus on website content
  • upgrade path available later if required
  • enables in-house, ongoing site management
1. select design theme based on preferred aestheticsclient/BD
2. install on serverBD
3. set up site following discussion & creation of site plan; pages, required featuresclient/BD
4. populate contentclient/BD
5. training (3 hours included)client/BD