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Organic Search Success
Your customers are out there, searching
The vast majority of users find what they are looking for by a simple search engine search. How often do you click through to the second or third page of Google search results? The business need for good search engine organic rankings is clear. We help our clients achieve this by crafting compelling content allied to SEO-friendly websites and copy. This, allied with strong and ethical link building efforts, can propel your site into the higher echelons of search results for keywords and phrases.
Link Building
Don’t be tempted by the quick fix!
Great content must form the basis of any website, but search engine algorithms dictate that in competitive web markets, link building should also play a part in a winning digital marketing strategy. Short term gains can be made by employing ‘dubious’ tactics but for long-term and sustainable success, we absolutely recommend an ethical link building approach. We can build a tailored link campaign.
Link strategy
We have taken the editorial decision to employ a careful, considered approach to link-building. This is prudent; just ask the vast numbers of websites who have been penalised for employing dubious linking tactics over the past few years (Google has started to clamp down hard on these methods and as a result many sites’ rankings have plummeted whilst others have lost any search engine presence altogether). That said, a balanced, natural link profile is very important to any SEO strategy. We can help you plan and execute in this area.
Local Search
Promote to the audience on your doorstep
Optimise for local web and location-based mobile services such as Google My Business. When allied with good content, this can be a productive way to advertise and drive good traffic volume to regional web businesses. Potential to combine with social media.
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