How important is it to occupy the mobile space?

Mobile website development

A few headline statistics highlight the importance of the mobile web in today’s digital environment:

  •  Two-thirds of UK smartphone owners (59%) access the web via a mobile device every day
  • Smartphone penetration is at 51% therefore more than a third of the UK population use the mobile web on a daily basis
  • Mobile search has grown 500% in the last 2 years
  • >85% of UK mobile users seek local information on their smartphone, and 81% take action using the local content they find*

Optimise YOUR site for YOUR site visitors + improve the odds of converting into paying customers

What does this trend towards mobile mean for search?
We all now search regularly on our smartphones. We know from our own experience therefore how much easier it is to navigate sites optimised for mobile devices. We are much more likely therefore to engage with these sites and ultimately become customers of them. Compare the user experience of on a smartphone versus a desktop computer. The information available is the same but the viewing experience is very different i.e. the website is optimised for that device. The user experience is therefore hugely enhanced. Also, Google is starting to take into account the device on which a user searches and can, in some cases, present results accordingly; this trend is likely to continue and mobile-friendly sites can expect to benefit in search results.

What does this mean for your business?
The same can apply to your site. If users can very easily interact with your site on a tablet or a smartphone then they are much more likely to stay on the site for longer. You will be at the leading edge of website experience and will give yourself the edge on your competition. Be available for your customers on any device.

Gain a competitive edge

Mobile isn’t just phone apps. There are many ways to implement mobile solutions and engage with new and existing customers. We believe the key element is mobile-friendly websites. You need a user to download an app before they can even begin to experience the content; this is a tough ask for SMEs. A mobile-optimised site however is always available for every user:

The Scenario
Your user Google’s your product or services on an iPhone. They are presented with the usual results. Here though, those sites with mobile-friendly options are far more likely to be successful; simply think how you behave online, you click until you are happy and satisfied with the result. Users’ expectations are at an all-time high; ensure you meet them.

We all expect websites we engage with to make our lives as simple as possible; call us on 01899 438088 to discuss making your website mobile-friendly.

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