How SSL Can Help Your Website

How SSL Can Help Your Website

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the technology that establishes an encrypted connection between the host server and a user’s browser. This secure connection ensures that the data passed between the two remains private and safe from prying eyes. SSL is the industry standard and is utilised by websites worldwide. Any website you visit with ‘https’ and a green padlock in the address bar is secured by means of a SSL certificate. When a browser connects to a website via a SSL connection, it checks the validity of the certificate and only then displays the lock in the address bar (further details of the SSL certificate are available by clicking on this lock).

Why Should My Website Be Secured With SSL?

Google Utilises SSL as a Ranking Signal
Google themselves state https is a ranking signal. It is only 1 of 200 they utilise, therefore could be regarded as only a minor signal; however we would expect this to gain in importance in the future. As it stands currently, if two websites tie on all other ranking factors, then having a https will be a deciding factor in terms of ranking.

See Google’s own directive on SSL/https:

Confidence, Trust & Security for Your Customers
Anytime a user of your website can see the green padlock and https in their browser address bar, it will instill confidence in them that you take security seriously and also that any data they hand over to you will be safe in transit.

Increased Conversion
Customers that trust you are more likely to place that order or fill out that website contact form i.e. convert into paying customers for you.

You will notice many ecommerce websites now employ SSL, as also do an increasing number of non-transactional sites.
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