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Content is key (as we keep saying!). A Content Management System (CMS) can enable a business to update content in-house as often and in as much volume as required; constantly adding value to a website. A web-implemented CMS can and should reduce ongoing web costs.

enable in-house website updates without technical knowledge

many plugin features available without the need for bespoke programming
The biggest content management system, publishing tool and blogging platform on the market today. A myriad of plugins are available to facilitate hundreds of website features. We have utilised WordPress across many client websites.
Wordpress Themes
A simple and budget-conscious way to plug a ready-made design into the WordPress platform. For those who do not require custom website design. 1000s of themes across many designs and genres to choose from. Again, we have lots of experience in this area.
Cushy CMS
A very simple and easy-to-use content management system designed to plug-in to existing web pages to make site elements editable by clients, in-house. Ideal for site owners who only need access to edit a small number of pages on a website e.g. news page.
Content Management Systems (CMS)